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Z-test, T-test, F-test, and Chi-square test analysis, linear or logistic regression analysis, correlation analysis, Spearman’s analysis, ANOVA, and MANOVA analysis are some of the meticulous methods that ISHIR employs to gather, process, and present quantitative data. In order to facilitate quick business-forward decisions, we also help with cluster analysis, Bayesian analysis, mock-up table design, and structural, multivariate, hierarchical, or equation modeling.

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Custom Software Development

ISHIR creates unique software development engineering team PODs for ambitious startups, small- to medium-sized businesses, and enterprise organizations by fusing agile methodologies, software development expertise, and industry-specific knowledge. Combining cutting edge technology with a top-notch workforce can accelerate business growth and help it scale more quickly across the board. We provide you with services for developing custom software, web-based applications, mobile apps, and digital products so you can stay ahead of the competition, cut down on costly rework, and create software more quickly and efficiently.

Mobile App Development

It's difficult to make your mobile app wow end users. To develop innovative, creative, and user-friendly mobile apps for your end users, you need a team of professionals. Your business idea becomes an amazing reality with the help of our team of product strategists, solution architects, UX designers, and industry subject matter experts. Based in Dallas, Fort Worth, Texas, ISHIR is a TOP Mobile App Development Company with the drive, expertise, and know-how to create innovative, engaging, and useful mobile apps that support business growth. Our group of creative mobile app developers has the business, technological, and artistic know-how to provide our customers with nothing less than the "best" mobile experience.

Data Analytics

At ISHIR, we can assist in re-engineering your data landscape through tools, accelerators, and custom strategies to optimize data ingestion, create a consolidated & clean data environment, improve governance practices, AI/ML, and enable fast access to quality and reliable data for outcome-driven, real-time, and informed decisions. We can help with data strategy, data management, data visualization, and much more, including for large heterogeneous data estates.

Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Don't expose your company to ransomware, malicious attacks, data breaches, and other cyber security risks. Choose a cyber security consulting firm that offers you assurance and comfort. Within ninety days, our cyber security services put you on a secure roadmap.

Staff Augmentation

The software industry has adopted remote staffing as the new standard, so welcome to the age of remote work. It doesn't matter if you have prior experience working with remote teams, are looking to grow your team, or are investigating the possibility of working with offshore or nearshore teams for the first time. Hiring top-notch team members is a decision that no business, startup, or growing organization can afford to make.

Cloud Optimization

IT leaders need to come up with solutions that can reduce capital costs, drive down costs, and increase IT effectiveness in the current demanding business environment. The cloud offers a huge amount of potential. It also entails a major overhaul of your present data center, operations, programming models, IT infrastructure, and IT department. Your IT environment has gotten more complicated as a result of spin-offs, mergers, acquisitions, and business expansion and contraction. This complexity significantly affects a company's ability to compete by raising costs and decreasing productivity. The answer to these kinds of IT complications is cloud services.

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